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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 2, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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have been sworn in as u.s. citizens. yesterday's naturalization ceremony in sacramento was one of 350 around the country to commemorate independence day. and in florida, three dozen people had a chance to swim with a really big shark in the waters off palm beach. a captain who owns a local dive company says it's only the fifth whale shark he's seen in 20 years. they're called whale sharks because of, well, the size. they only heat plankton and not people. thank goodness! and, hey, there, everybody! welcome to this cnn saturday morning. take a look at what we're watching this morning. another royal wedding! yes. it's not just over in england. we're keeping an eye on royal
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weddings. this is a live picture happening right now. and who you're seeing right now, right there is prince albert of monaco. he's having a big ceremony right now, marrying his longtime girlfriend in a star-studded ceremony. this is ceremony ii. the smaller one was yesterday. the big one is today and all of monaco is invited. we have got a shot of the bride, that i have seen this morning, and you know what, just in time, they switched over. and i'll let you see a picture of the bride as well. there she is, who is now her serene highness after a civil ceremony yesterday. but, again, today is the big religious ceremony taking place right now in monaco. we'll be dipping back into that for you this morning. also, we'll turn to a much different scene on the streets of atlanta. angry protests, people outraged over a tough new crackdown on workers who are in the country illegally. find out how the law could dramatically impact american business. and can you imagine getting the day off work, no questions
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asked, simply for being tired? well, air traffic controllers can under a new plan to make the skies safer. at the top of the hour, it has been one of the most closely watched murder trials in recent years and it's about to enter a critical new phase. closing arguments are set for tomorrow, yes, sunday, in the casey anthony murder trial. after that, the fate of the young woman accused of killing her little girl will be in the hands of the jury. sean laving joins us from orlando, florida, this morning. sean, good to have you here back with us. how is this process going to work? they have been in session just about every saturday of this trial, but not today. >> reporter: that's right, t.j. tomorrow, though, they will be starting about 9:00 in the morning eastern time. that's when all of this will get underway. it will start with the prosecution going first. they're going to go up and argue to that jury that they should convict casey anthony of first-degree murder charges. after they go up and do their arguments, the defense will go
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up and the defense will argue the state has not proved its case, do not convict casey anthony of these charges. in florida, the prosecution gets a second chance after the defense goes to plug any holes the defense may have poked in their case. once the prosecution goes after the defense and rebuts that, the judge will read some instructions to the jury and then the jury will begin deliberations in this case. >> how long do they expect this to go? what are they planning for? of course, the judge is trying to keep this thing moving along. he probably wanted to get it done before this holiday weekend. that's not going to happen. these jurors are still sequestered, so they're going to go right through the holiday, i take it? >> reporter: that's right, t.j. they're hoping to start deliberating tomorrow, so the closing arguments should wrap up some time tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow in the early evening and the jury will begin deliberating. now, we don't expect the jury to come to a verdict tomorrow, so the jury's ready to go ahead and work as long as it needs to to get this verdict right. >> all right.
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sean lavin for us in orlando, been covering this story. we appreciate you. tomorrow, again, is the day for closing arguments. it's is a saturday, a lot of people expected that trial would be in session today, but not today, they'll start the closing arguments tomorrow and then deliberations after that. let's move on to dominique strauss-kahn. he's free to come and go as he pleases this morning after months of house arrest. he was released on his own recognizance yesterday. the prosecutors that have been preparing sexual assault charges against him now say they have serious questions about his accuser's credibility. cnn national correspondent susan candiotti is standing by for us this morning outside the town house where strauss-kahn has been living. susan, this thing really changed dramatically now, and it looks like this whole thing could just fall apart. >> reporter: t.j., it certainly could. good morning. you know, the problem at this point is this. despite very, very strong
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forensic evidence that some kind of sexual encounter, if you will, happened at that hotel between a hotel maid and dominique strauss-kahn, that because there are so many, at this point, credibility issues, outright lies, that's what prosecutors are calling them, and at times, in fact, admitted lies by the maid, uncovered by investigators for the prosecutors, that it would be very hard, according to sources in the district attorney's office and many other experts, to try to get a jury to get a conviction in a case like this. and some of those admitted lies, according to prosecutors, including the maid lying about that she had been gang-raped in the past. lies on a political asylum application. lying to the irs. even lying, they said, admittedly, about certain things that happened after the alleged attack occurred in the hotel that day. that it would be very hard for a
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jury to overcome something like that. despite that, with the attorney representing the maid in this case have taken the extraordinary step of going out of his way to accuse the district attorney, the man who would be prosecuting this case, of being afraid to take this case to a jury, and of not protecting the rights of what he calls a rape victim. >> we don't have confidence that they're ever going to put dominique strauss-kahn on trial. so the victim will stand before you and tell you, because she said, i will go to my grave knowing the truth, knowing what this man did to me. >> reporter: now, attorneys for dominique strauss-kahn say, it is time to throw out the case. listen. >> the next step will lead to a complete dismissal of the charges. and on sort of a personal observation, i think it's kind of appropriate that on the eve of independence day, we get to celebrate for strauss-kahn, mr.
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strauss-kahn and his family a bit of his personal independence. >> reporter: so the next scheduled court day is july 1 . 18th, but, of course, he could show up in court if there are further developments before then, t.j. >> susan candiotti today in new york. we appreciate you, as always. we have a couple of legal cases here to talk about. let's bring in criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, holly hughes, who's been a friend of our show here on cnn saturday morning. good to have you here with us. let's start with casey anthony. the rebuttal case that the prosecution put on, if anybody was on that jury who was maybe on the fence trying to figure things out, did they really drive their point home, the prosecution, in the rebuttal? >> they sure did. that's how you put up a case, lean and mean. what they did, the prosecution called exactly who they needed to plug up those holes, they got in, got out, very suck sinlgt, ve, very to the point.
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big important issues, cindy anthony claimed responsibility for the chloroform searches. that shows premeditation, she was looking up months prior to the disappearance of her child how to make chloroform, how to -- >> before the rebuttal part, was that a big hole that the defense had put in the case, because cindy anthony got up there and said, i was doing all of that on the internet. was that a big hole in the prosecution -- >> that was very problematic for the prosecution. because let's face it, they're going for a first-degree murder. they said, this woman planned ahead of time to do something nefarious, to kill her child. when her mama gets on the stand and say, oh, no, they were mind. and if you watched the manner in which cindy anthony testified, she was very defiant, very -- oh, they were absolutely mine, i remember what i did.
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and by the way, miss prosecutor, i told you that in my deposition, i told you that two years ago. putting something in front of the jury, like, hmm, okay, maybe the prosecution's playing fast and loose. absolutely raised some doubts. but when they put on their rebuttal and got those work records, and put her entering sensitive medical information at the exact time when she says, no, i'm miles away at time. the prosecution knows, that's it, cindy anthony lied. they probably know why she's trying to save her daughter's life, but now the jury is sitting there going, okay, now we get it. it's not credible evidence from cindy anthony on this. we're back to the searches belong to casey. and you know what they're asking themselves right now, t.j.? because their common sense is their best with weapon in the jury room. they're sitting there and they're going, well, if casey was really innocent and her mama thought she was innocent, why is mama lying for her? why is she taking credit for those searches? if she's trying to cover for
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casey, that intimates that she believes there's something to cover for. and the jury's got to be thinking that. >> again, closing arguments tomorrow. no court today, so closing arguments 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. looks like the jury, which has been sequestered, is going to be still working through the holiday weekend, unfortunate for them. but, still, a lot in the balance here on this case. let me turn quickly to dsk, dominique strauss-kahn. questions about the credibility of the accuser. how do you work, how do you deal with a case like this, where there's some credibility issues? you absolutely have to take the word of the accuser in a case like this, but how is the prosecution now, must have some serious doubt ifs they went ahead and said, okay, let minimum go from house arrest. how does this case proceed? >> they absolutely do. here's what's really unique about this case, t.j. when you have dna, in any case, in a murder case, in an armed robbery, you know, the robber cuts himself on the glass when
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he breaks the window, that is the gold standard of evidence. this is only type of case where where dna can be present and not be a sure thing. because anybody can say it was consensual. so we're talking about a sexual assault case, she says it was nonconsensual, he says it was consensual. they have to. there's dna, so they've got to say something occurred. what it comes down to now is he said/she said. and unfortunately, it's going to rest on credibility and credibility alone, because the dna does not help us decide guilt in this particular instance. so she has admitted that she lied to law enforcement officials in this investigation. further, she has admitted that she lied on her ins application, on her application for asylum, and lied very specifically about a gang rape. then she admitted she lied on her irs form. so what we see is a pattern of lying to governmental agencies in situations -- and you know what the other really
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problematic thing is, t.j., and i'm not sure if all the viewers are up to speed on this, the day after this alleged attack she made a phone call to an inmate, and that inmate is in jail for trafficking, drug trafficking, money laundering, they have done some research on this victim, alleged victim, and they have found out that she was paying hundreds of dollars a month to different cell phone companies. and in my experience as prosecutor, if you're paying five different cell phones, there's a little something hinky going on there. >> and that phone call with that inmate, she reportedly talked about how she could get money if she went ahead with this particular case. >> and then lied about that phone call as well. holly hughes, so good to have you. you've been great. i know we'll probably talk to you tomorrow as well with the closing arguments tomorrow. holly, thank you, as always. well, 12 minutes past the hour now. a 71-year-old seattle grandfather has been arrested for a child murder more than 50 years ago. police say jack daniel
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mccullough was living under an assumed name in a retirement community. he's accused of kidnapping and killing a 7-year-old girl if sycamore, illinois, back in 1957. he was a suspect early on, but police say he changed his name, joined the military, and the case went cold. new information that surfaced about two years ago led to the arrest. and on this fourth of july weekend, a lot of folks in minnesota are in no mood to celebrate. their holiday plans ruined by budget problems. not just a budget problem, but a government shutdown. they have a new fiscal year underway, minnesota's government shut down, except for central services. but still, all the state parks, zoo, rest areas all closed. forced a lot of people to change their holiday plans. the budget shortfall there is $3.5 billion. the governor, mark dayton, and republican lawmakers are fighting over ways to close the gap. also, some 22,000 state workers are out of their jobs for the time being. and a big break this weekend for fatigued air traffic
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controllers. the faa is out with new recommendations that should help them stay awake on the job. there will be nine hours required between shifts now, and during overnight hours, controllers can read or even listen to the radio, but only when there's not a lot of traffic. they can also take sick days if they walk in and say, hey, i'm too tired to work today. this is all in response to several incidents earlier this year where controllers fell asleep on the job. controllers are still not allowed to take naps, though, while on break. well, there's another new presidential candidate, and this one is zeroing in on one strategic state this whole holiday weekend. the story, after the break. also this morning, some live pictures we can show you, just seeing some stained glass windows there, but what you are seeing is a royal wedding taking place right now, live in monaco. prince albert is marrying his longtime girlfriend, charlene
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whittstock. it is, of course, a star-studded and multimillion dollar affair. we're seeing live pictures. we don't have control of them, so we would love to show you the bride right now, but stay with us, you will see her. there she is, to the right a little bit, you can make her out. more of that coming up. then have salad and biscuits followed by 1 of 7 delicious entrees and finish with something sweet all for just $15. right now at red lobster. an everyday moment can turn romantic anytime. and when it does, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven low-dose tablet you take every day so you can be ready anytime the moment's right. tell your doctor about your medical condition and all medications, and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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8:18 am
s and i asked him on the air to say, hey, turn around and ask her a question for me. she was there in the diner this morning, as they often do. listen to what she told him about what why she is in iowa. >> i think iowa's very important. so we want to do very well here and so we're going to be working toward the caucuses that are coming up in august and then on to january and february and beyond. so we're looking forward to it. >> all right. and our shannon travis joins me once again live. no presidential candidates behind him this time around, i don't think. but shannon, thank you for that. i already heard from the press secretary for michele bachmann, she sent me an e-mail already about that. but i'm glad you did it, interrupted breakfast there, but it's my fault. so shannon, i won't do that to you again, all right? >> reporter: it's all good, man. it's all good. yeah, she actually told me to tell you hello as well, t.j., so i'm glad that she reached out to you on her own. yeah, it's a little more calmer now here in the diner now that michele bachmann has left. that was a pretty chaotic scene. she was here with one of her
8:19 am
daughters and with her husband, marcus. as you know, she's barnstorming this state, starting today. her bus tour kicks off today. she formally announced her presidential campaign in iowa on monday, now she'll be barnstorming with five different stops. >> and i know she was born there, she's a minnesota congresswoman, but she was born in iowa. do they look at her in iowa and see her as one of their own? >> well, she opens so. i mean, she hopes that typical everyday iowa voters sees her as one of them. she's from, you know, as you just mentioned, from neighboring minnesota. and there are a lot of shared values between a lot of christian evangelicals here in iowa that she has with them. so she certainly hopes that a lot of iowans see her as just one of the folks. >> all right. our shannon travis there for us. shannon, good to see you, as always. we appreciate you again this morning. and again, that interview with michele bachmann you got this morning as well. 19 minutes past the hour now. georgia, alabama, arizona,
8:20 am
all have passed tough immigration laws in their states, and they're scaring off farm workers. and one state thinks that felony probationers could be the answer to the problem. >> offenders are just like you and i. they need employment to feed their families, and i think this program is giving them an opportunity to do that. >> yes, georgia is testing a program to send probationers to farms. the dietails, ahead. and take another live look. it's taking place right now. the prince of monaco with his new bride, yes, we have another royal wedding going on right now. he has married charlene whitt locke, is her name. she is now her serene highness. yes, that's the title she gets, but prince albert, of course, the son of grace kelly. a lot of people will remember that big royal wedding in monaco that took place. but this is a live event. we'll continue to dip back into this huge star-studded affair,
8:21 am
today. maybe, it's something you haven't seen yet. the 2nd generation of intel core processors. this is visibly smart.
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all right. we're at 23 minutes past the hour now. this was the scene in downtown atlanta earlier this week. this is a protest you're looking at. they're protesting the anti-immigration law that took effect yesterday, on friday, in georgia. now, a judge did block a couple of key provisions of the law, but still, most of it did go into effect. what you're seeing here, some of these folks, they were declaring, and you hear them chanting, unafraid, undocumented. they say they are in the country illegally. several were arrested, but they were trying to make a stand here. now, georgia lawmakers hope that the law in part, at least, will
8:24 am
discourage people who are in the country illegally from coming to georgia. and already it may be working. and according to georgia's agriculture commissioner, that may be a problem. >> and we have some people call and simply say, i had no workers or i had, you know, one third of our normal crews that show up. just simply said they were not coming to georgia. what i'm focused on is trying to find a solution for georgia farmers, and quite frankly, for american producers. >> so georgia now is trying to help farmers make up for a shortage of workers by connecting them with unemployed people. just one thing, these unemployed people also have critical records. ten-hour days in 90-degree heat, in july, in south georgia. those are the work conditions and this is the work. the kind of work farmers say americans won't do.
8:25 am
and can't do. it takes skill to do this. people think you're picking peaches, just pull them off and that's the end of it. >> no, you've got to know which ones to pick. the ones that are mature and the right size and color. so it takes a lot skill to pick them and know which ones to harvest. >> for every work you bring in from mexico, it would take how many local works to match the output of that -- >> it would take at least three to four. >> reporter: robert dickey is a farmer, part of a $68 billion industry in georgia. he's worry the state's new anti-immigration law is scaring away the skilled workforce he depends on. dickey is also a state legislatu legislature. he voted for that anti-immigration bill, knowing full well it might hurt his family business. has there ever been a point you kind of second-guessed that vote? >> oh, absolutely. it hurts me terribly to see some of my farmers not to be able to harvest their crops and get the time and labor. it's going to make some thing
8:26 am
more expensive here in the state, with the lack of workforce. >> reporter: georgia farmers report they are 11,000 workers short this season, so the state floated the idea of having felony probationers fill the jobs. some are already working on farms. >> reporter: we're not forcing anyone to take this type of labor. we're simply offering up opportunities for offenders to be employed in the agriculture community, where there's a great need right now. it's encouraging, even though a small scale at this point. when we started out, it was the first couple of days, of course, was rocky, and the sense that you had offenders going into an extremely difficult job. >> reporter: like dickey says, all peach pick reverse not created equal. and even with time and training, probationers won't be able to keep pace. >> reporter: you have tried in the past to have local workers out here. it didn't go so well? >> it didn't. they just really don't have the patience and the incentive to stay here and do the kind of job we need done.
8:27 am
>> now, the workers you saw there on dickey's farm are here in the country legally. they're working through a guest worker program. it's called h2a program. meanwhile, the proerbationers w talked about are working on only two farms so far in georgia, but they hope to see that number grow before the fall harvest. haven't you heard that old advice before? you know, you never take money out of that 401(k). today that advice is changing. we'll we'll tell you why. continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. a complete four course seafood feast for $15. start with soup then have salad and biscuits followed by 1 of 7 delicious entrees and finish with something sweet all for just $15. right now at red lobster. took some wild risks when i was young.
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well, as we come up on the bottom of the hour now, more and more americans are borrowing money from their 401(k) retirement accounts these days. experts used to advise against
8:30 am
that, you don't do it under any circumstance, but in today's economy, the advice is changing. listen no to our financial analyst, clyde anderson. >> times are changing. a lot of people are in situations where you need it. this lets you know where the people are hurting. a lot of the middle class have been impacted by this recession. so people are either pulling these funds out for buying homes, or some are just hurting where a spouse may have lost a job and they need these funds. >> so you're telling me, even though people are doing it, is this a case where you do what you've got to do, or would you still recommend, do everything else before you dip into this retirement account? >> i recommend it as a last resort, but you're borrowing at low interest rates and borrowing from yourself. so if you have to borrow funds, this is the place you want to borrow them from. in these times, you can always pay them back. there's ups and downs to that, but you can always pay these back and you've got a great interest rate. >> so what are the consequences from borrowing from your own 401(k)? >> if you do lose your job or quit that job when you take that
8:31 am
loan, they'll penalize you because it becomes an early withdrawal. they'll hit you much more harder when you do that. that's one of the downsides. also recouping, trying to get back to where you were to prepare for retirement. those are the downsides. >> is there a time when it's better than another? and i guess i'm talking about age? is it better to do it when you're younger and have time to pay it back versus older? >> definitely better to do it when you're younger, but people are in situations where they've got to pull from it, they've immediate these funds. if you get into a situation where you're trying to save your home. maybe you've lost a job or a spouse has lost a job, you really need to pull from these funds, and it's a good source to pull from. >> do we need to get out of that mind-set, and we don't want, everyone says, stay out of your 401(k), don't touch it. do we need to get out of that mind-set? this is sacred, i can't touch it. but it sounds like you're saying to me, it's okay, you can pay it back. >> it's a loan, it's an investment. and an investment is there to cover you if you need it.
8:32 am
you've put this away as a nest egg, but life happens. when life happens, if you're prepared for it with money put away, look at that as an option. you definitely don't want to rule it out. let's give you this live picture. there is another, yes, another royal wedding going on as we speak. this is in monaco. and who you're seeing there, the groom, that is the son of grace kelly and that is his bride. charlene whittstock. she is a former olympic swimmer. these two have been together for quite some time. they had a civil ceremony yesterday, so for all intents and purposes, she is now the princess of monaco, her serene highness is the title she now gets. but we're actually seeing the exchanges of the rings, i believe, that was supposed to take place right around right now. but there were some stories, you may have seen lately, that she was possibly a runaway bride. there was some questions, some media reports that she was
8:33 am
actually trying to hightail it out of there after she heard some things about the prince's past, but nevertheless, the wedding went forward. this is the huge religious ceremony. the big wedding. yesterday was a smaller civil service, but this, another royal wedding taking place right now, a live picture. there she is. you can see the train behind that dress there as they are at the front and some 35 people -- excuse me, 35,000 people were expected to attend -- i shouldn't say attend, but be a part of the celebration inside and outside. but all of monaco is invited. a lot of people thinking back to grace kelly, of course, when she was married there in monaco to the prince at the time. she, of course, died in 1982, but there is her son at the age of 50 plus years old marrying a 33-year-old. now her serene highness, in another royal wedding. the year of royal weddings this year. we're keeping a close eye on this. we'll dip back into this for you, but wanted to be able to bring you these live pictures of another gorgeous royal wedding.
8:34 am
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well, 36 minutes past the hour now. in canada, a royal welcome for britain's royal newlyweds. prince william and his wife, the duchess of cambridge now have been there since thursday. the first stop was ottawa, but now today in montreal. our max foster is there, as well. tell us what they've been up to so far in canada and what do they have left on this trip?
8:37 am
>> reporter: well, you saw these particular scenes yesterday, on canada day, down in ottawa. normally 100,000 people turn up to those celebrations at that concert there. 300,000 turned up. so three times as many people showed up just because william and catherine were there. to give you an idea commentary here, this is one of the newspapers, and their headline was "our royal crush." very, very popular so far. >> the royal crush, as you say. but this is the stop in canada now, but they are going to head over to california as well. what are we expecting there? >> reporter: yeah, they certainly are, and there's going to be a series of visits there. all about promoting uk interests, and a lot of interests there, obviously, and lots of media getting ready for they arrival there. a very exciting visit. when we talk about the royal crush and all the attention on
8:38 am
l.a., it's actually going to be interesting today to see how they fare here in montreal. because in this country, a lot of people would rather see the monarchy go. they don't approve of the monarchy. they're managing this trip very carefully here, so william and catherine, for example, will come to this cookery school a little later on, and the whole road's being closed off. there's not going to be a walkabout as there was in ottawa, because they're concerned there will be protesters here. but a recent poll said they surveyed people in this part of quebec and found they're anti-monarchy but actually very excited about william and catherine's visit here. so somehow they're separating the monarchy and the couple. it's all about celebrity, i think. >> our max foster, keeping an eye on the royal newlyweds. we appreciate you, as always. thanks so much. we're at 38 minutes past the hour now. summer's here, that means it's time to hit the road for a lot of people for those family vacations. well, just how much fun can you have on a single tank of gas?
8:39 am
reynolds wolf has that answer for you. speaking of royal newlyweds, we got newer newlyweds, i guess you could say. this is a live picture, folks. you're seeing this right now as it happens. this is in monaco. and you saw on the left of your screen there, that is the son of grace kelly. a lot of people tell you, finally getting married, but marrying his longtime girlfriend, charlene whittstock in a star-studded gorgeous affair, a huge religious ceremony today. they actually had a small civil one yesterday, but this is a live picture of their big royal religious wedding ceremony, taking place right now in monaco. we'll bring more of it to you. stay here.
8:40 am
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see how affordable an rv vacation can be. visit and watch a free video. go affordably. go rving. all right. time for us to check in with our re reynolds wolf. i know you're thinking about, a lot of people are, that holiday forecast. reynolds? >> absolutely. a pretty interesting time out there. a lot of heat to deal, also chance of thunderstorms. the best chance of storms will take place into parts of the great lakes, into the ohio valley, and back into the central and northern rockies, maybe even into portions of the central plains. in terms of heat, we've got a lot of it, surprisingly. we're seeing it in places like san francisco. 80 degrees. actually pretty warm for san francisco. 78 in los angeles, 95 in salt lake city. 84 in denver. 90 in kansas city. 100 in dallas, 85 in new york city and 94 in atlanta.
8:43 am
in atlanta, of course, going to be hot times there. you're definitely going to need the air-conditioners on full blast. if you're thinking about taking a trip out there, forget the airport, just take your car. you'll be surprised an some of the amazing things you'll see, especially along the georgia coast. >> reporter: we're starting a journey today going from st. mary's georgia, to savannah, but i'm not going by myself. i've got two other people with me, i've got cnn photo journalist rick blackburn, he's behind the camera, and producer alicia eakin. three friends, one vehicle, one tank of gas. let's hit the road. we're on, kids. >> heck, yes, we are. >> reporter: and our first stop on today's trip on a tank is here in cumberland island, georgia. where you've got the sun, the surf, and the manatees. check those guys out. but you've got some incredible ruins here too. maggie tyler of the national park service is here with us. how long have these things been
8:44 am
here? >> it was built in the 1890s and burned in 1959 and became part of the national park service in 1992. >> been around for a long time. speaking of time, time for us to keep moving. let's go. now, let's just keep things in perspective. as we get one step closer to savannah, we'll see all kinds of neat things, but it's not like we're going to see a giant submarine sticking out of the ground. let's be serious. i'm speechless. take a look at that. the "uss george bancroft," unbelievable. a submarine coming out of the ground here in st. mary's georgia. clearly, nothing, nothing on this trip on a tank can top that. actually, it can. we're in woodbine, georgia, and
8:45 am
we found this. "dead peoples things for sale." alicia, is it open? >> it's shut. >> rick, do you want to stick around? all right, let's get back in the car. breaker 1-9! well, the journey brings us to st. simon's island, georgia, where we've seen a lot of these amazing carvings on these trees here along the island. the artist put these together as a memorial to the sailors who lost their lives at sea. there are a lot of them, and these things are creeping me out. and we are out of here. we decided to take a small break at the smallest church in america. well, at first glimpse, shocker, it looks small. let's go take a peak inside. watch your head, there, rick, it's going to -- and inside the tiny church, we've got our tiny producer. she's 5'1".
8:46 am
we're allowed to say she's kind of small. what do you think? do you feel crowded? >> it's just right. >> it's right for her, but for me and for rick, it's tall. so we'll move on to bigger stories like our big story. well, we've finally made it to our destination in savannah, georgia. now, let's have a look around. let's hop on the old town trolley. it is amazing what you'll see when you're moving through this incredible city. just beautiful stuff. denise is our driver. denise, what is the number one stop for people in savannah? >> the number one stop here in savannah is forsythe park. >> wow. let's check it out. and there it is. the incredible fountain here in forsythe square in savannah. yeah, it has been an amazing trip, from st. mary's to savannah, over 200 miles, one tank, one trip, and so many sights that we were able to see. we'll see you next time down the
8:47 am
road. and t.j., see, the amazing thing is, a lot of people would just type into their navigational device, city number one, city number two, get on the freeway, crank up your ipod and what have you and you just kind of zone out. but if you take your time, one tank, and it's amazing the things you'll see, little slices of americana. you've got spots all over the country like that that are amazing. that's what we'll keep trying to do, on one tank. and not too costly. let's take a look at how much it cost. $99 is what it cost for gas, but we have a big vehicle. the ferry to get over to the island cost about $60. the trolley, $78. but you don't have to do all those things. with a smaller car, if you pack a lunch, it will be a lot cheaper for you, hotels, you know, you can pinch a few pennies here and there. >> you don't have the next location yet? >> a couple of ideas. if you go to and give us some ideas of what you
8:48 am
think might be a great drive, we'll certainly take them up. >> great stuff. reynolds, appreciate you, as always. a lot of people out there, maybe not driving, fly a lot. you may be deal with sometimes, all right, they're rude passengers. how exactly do you deal with them? we've got advice from a travel expert on proper etiquette on that plane. also, it's not just william and catherine, there's another royal wedding and it's taking place live right now in monaco. yes, the son of grace kelly, prince albert is marrying his longtime girlfriend, charlene whittstock, who is now her serene highness, is her title. we're not in control of these live pictures. i wish i could show you to her right now, but i promise, we'll show her to you shortly. [ waves crashing ]
8:49 am
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8:51 am
about ten minutes to the top of the hour. we're watching another royal wedding. there she is. >> beautiful. >> she is her serene highness now is her name. but folks are seeing prince albert, the groom there on the left, the son of grace kelly. if we get this -- you have to help me here. i'm not so good at describing these dresses. >> i think it's stunning. >> is that all i need to say? >> yeah, it looks good. >> don't need to break it down or anything like that? >> well, you know, i don't know anything about the fabric and all that.
8:52 am
but it's probably chiffon or something like that. it is lovely. >> she's a 33-year-old former olympian. he's 52. he's been a bachelor for a long time. they were waiting on him to get married and produce on heir to the throne. >> apparently they want to start a family very quickly. >> you remember the story, the tabloids were reporting that she was a runaway bride, says she was actually at the airport and was trying to get out of there. but then they explained she just wanted to go to paris to buy shoes. >> tough work on the wardrobe before the big day. give the lady a break. and she is embarking on a royal life. so everything's got to be just to the "t." that's not that unusual to go from monaco to paris to work on your wardrobe. come on, now. >> but they say she was trying to get away. another royal wedding. >> we'll be watching that
8:53 am
throughout the afternoon. >> good afternoon to ewe. >> good afternoon to you. >> so good to see you this morning. >> nice to start off a holiday weekend with another royal wedding. why not? >> why not? but then -- >> picnics, parks, royal weddings. >> i have a feeling you're not going to be able to keep it on the high the whole time. >> no. we are going to get into some pretty serious legal cases with our legal guys. we're going to talk about the dominique strauss-kahn, the former head of the imf. and now prosecutors are saying there are some holes in this story. our legal guys are going to delve into what has happened with this case, why would he be released on his own recogniza e recognizance? 1234 would you be ready for retirement in four years, maybe three? >> no. >> a lot of people want to be. our financial expert will be joining us. >> you can do that? >> well, if you have your planning in place. >> huh.
8:54 am
>> if you're of retirement age or if you have all your ducks in a row. maybe in five, maybe in four, maybe in three or two. we're going to go into all these scenarios. if it doesn't measure out that way, that means you have to keep working. >> i'll keep working. >> unfortunately, yes. >> this fourth of july weekend also means fast cars along with those fireworks. daytona, big racing weekend. last night, we saw one of our new buddies, joey logano. joey did very well last night. he won one of the races last night. he's on the track again today along with jason leffler. we'll bring you that interview and how long they plan to drive. before we talked, we did get on the racetrack. >> we saw that. >> you want to see a little more of it? >> just a little. >> i'll take it.
8:55 am
>> of course, i'm not in the driver's seat. jason leffler s. but i loved it. i'm still on that nascar high. he's number 38 on the track. you want to watch him later on this evening as well. but, face to face beginning noon eastern time with logano and leffler. >> that's just a few minutes away, i'll hand it over to ms. fredricka whitfield who' who's @fwhitfield. >> oh, yeah, i forget. that's so much to do. yet there's one more layer. i'm trying. believe me, i'm trying. but i am a slow poke. >> don't tweet her. it's a strain. >> go ahead and tweet me. it will help me. >> we'll see you in just a few minutes. i know you fly a lot, a lot of people get on the planes and you hear crying babies sometimes who can bother people. you have people hogging the seats, maybe hogging the armrests. some people want to talk to you
8:56 am
and you don't want to talk to them. a lot of this can drive you crazy. we can help you make it through that commercial flight. proper etiquette. what do you do with these folks on the plane? >> be kind. come on, you're not alone. >> stop it, fredricka. we're right back, folks. and a choice. take tylenol arthritis and maybe up to six in a day... or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. happy chopping. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. ...was it something big? ...or something small? ...something old? ...or something new? ...or maybe, just maybe... it's something you haven't seen yet. the 2nd generation of intel core processors. stunning visuals, intelligent performance. this is visibly smart.
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should talk to their doctor because serious stomach problems such as bleeding may worsen. people with certain heart conditions may experience slow heart rate. [ woman ] whenever i needed her, she was there for me. now i'm here for her. [ female announcer ] ask the doctor about your loved one trying the exelon patch. visit to learn more. a lot of folks are going to
8:59 am
be flying this holiday weekend and then beyond. you know what happens on the planes. the person next to you wants to talk, you don't want to talk. somebody climbs over you to get to the bathroom, crying babies. there is an airplane etiquette. what you should and should not do in these situations. nicholas lorenza tried to help me through this a little bit earlier. >> all seats are not created equal. the guy in the middle seems to be in the unluckily position of being in the middle. so i like to extend a little bit of courtesy and always give them the armrest. if you're sitting on the window or the aisle, you're going to get that armrest to yourself. >> here's another key one. you need to use the restroom and you're sitting by the window and the person next to you is asleep. do you climb over them? do you wake them up? >> those are the two choices. climbing over or waking them up.


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